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Garden Apartment | 35.00 EUR

Plan your special occasion with an extraordinary stay of your dreams in our luxurious apartment. Let us take care for the relaxed atmosphere which in every way is associated with warm emotions, calmness and fulfillment.

This apartment is ideal for couples who simply want to experience the beauties of nature, the clean air, the unobstructed view at the Ohrid Lake and the authenticity of Villa Velestovo.

The stylishly decorated bedroom is the main part of the apartment, where you can completely relax from your everyday problems and sleep comfortably like never before. Each morning you will be greeted by the beautiful view on the Ohrid Lake through the two windows that offer this majestic view.

The apartment has a neat kitchen where you have everything you need to make a nice romantic dinner for your partner.

The shining bathroom supplements the stylish interior design. The whole bathroom greatly enriches your stay in our apartment.

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